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bioxine laboratories

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Bioxine Laboratories. A facility for the consciously aligned community.

BioX1ne started as a small research facility with a mission to revolutionise medicine and wellness for the consciously aligned, providing groundbreaking technology in human design – which has become the fastest growing sector in the wellness market to date. 

New generations understand that wellness is a birthright. We offer everything you dream. Once subscribed, the science allows members to empower and upgrade their internal and external human faced design. Want super smart AI internal hardware inside your system? Features that adapt to the current beauty trends? Instant bulk and strength as strong as your comic book heros? With our pay-per-play subscriptions you can enhance yourself the way you want, how you want, when you want.

The founder, Dr. Elizabeth Mason believed that the key to unlocking ultimate human design lay in the power of AI technology. An obsession with pushing the boundaries of science led to rumours circulating in the wider scientific communities of immoral and unethical experiments supposedly happening on willing subscribers. All of which have since been dismissed. 

Many people are drawn to BioX1ne and despite the rumours, BioX1ne is still in operation today. With wait lists of up to a year for appointments, Dr Mason and her team opened night shifts at the facility, with workers relying heavily on the founders controversial AI model to control the night shift.. with potentially disastrous consequences.


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