cannibals playground

cannibals playground new haunt for 2022



The Hospital was once home to nurses, doctors, orderlies and patients. There were rumours that the hospital became overrun with patients exposed to the toxicity levels inside the sewers near by. The legend goes that with little to no knowledge of what was causing the patients to become infected, the doctors took things into their own hands, performing unknown medical experiments on what were once the poor locals of the town. 

Soon after these rumoured experiments took place, there were reports of staff disappearances, rumours of cannibalism and locals hearing screams coming from the drains echoing through the town at night. Not knowing what to do, the local townsmen came together, boarding up the overrun hospital with everyone still inside. No one knows what happened to those people. Due to rumours of what went on inside those walls, it’s now commonly known as Cannibals Playground. 

Many unthinkable events took place during those times, and are still waiting to be fully uncovered. With the most recent disappearance of Lucy Mills, local authorities have had no choice but to reopen the hospital to widen their search.