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Know before. you go


  • Get your tickets in advance. In order to guarantee entry, please purchase your ticket to The Nightmare Realm ONLINE. All entry tickets are time slot tickets, to keep queue times to a minimum. Your time slot is your estimated entry time to the attraction itself.
  • It can take up to 1.5-2hrs to explore everything we have on offer at The Nightmare Realm, along with additional attractions on site to explore in your own time. Please plan your time with us wisely, WE SUGGEST DOING THE MAZES FIRST before the on-site additions such as the food court or Banshee experience.
  • In order to skip the queues please purchase a Fast Pass ticket. 
  • Zombie Insurance bands can be purchased at the box office for €2 or at the White Witch Creations Merch shop in Halloweentown. Wearing the zombie insurance bands ensure the worst characters keep away from you, you just have to show the bands when needed.
  • Photography outside of the haunt mazes is allowed and encouraged. Take as many photos as you’d like with our roaming characters and other Halloweentown performers. While inside the haunt mazes WE DO NOT ALLOW filming or photography of any kind. 
  • There are no food, drinks, bottles, recording devices, photography, videography, smoking, vapes, e-cigs, costume masks, fake weapons or flashlights allowed inside the event.
  • No Halloween masks are allowed inside. If you come in costume please leave your mask and accessories in your car. Face paint is acceptable. No hoods.
  • For the safety of everyone at The Nightmare Realm we monitor CCTV and have security on site for any incidents. Mistreating any Nightmare Realm performer will result in being ejected from the event without refund. There is absolutely NO touching of the performers. We are a no touch haunt.
  • There are no refunds for being scared. 
  • There is absolutely NO Alcohol, NO smoking, NO lighters, and NO vaping allowed in the event.
  • There are no outside food or drinks (open or unopened) allowed at the event. We don’t allow intoxicated individuals into the event. No refunds will be given.


PLAN AHEAd for your visit to us

  • There is a Dublin City carpark on Marys Lane, next to the Nightmare Realm, charged at local rates. The Main entrance is on St Michans St. 
  • For customers using the Luas to get to us: Take the Luas Red line to “Four Courts” Luas stop. We are approx 1 minute walk from the Luas stop along Chancery St. The Main entrance is on St Michans St
  • The nearest bus stop is the Church street stop, served by the 83 and 83A bus. We are approx a 2 minute walk from this stop. The Main entrance is on St Michans St 
  • You can easily walk to The Nightmare Realm from the city centre. From the spire walk down Henry street, straight to Mary Street, Mary street Little and then Marys Lane. The Main entrance is on St Michans St
  • Zombie insurance bands can be purchased at the box office or at the White Witch Creations Merch shop in Halloweentown for €2. These bands are to lessen the scare when you feel you need it. Hold up the bands in the air so the actors can see it and they will give you the space you need to continue the mazes.


  • Please arrive to The Nightmare Realm via the main entrance on St Michans St. All tickets will be scanned at the box office only. Each visitor will receive a wrist band at the entrance, which will be marked at entry of each haunt maze on site.  
  • The Nightmare Realm show is a continuos show, starting as soon as you arrive. While you wait to enter the haunt mazes you can expect to be entertained by our roaming characters and on street circus performers. Feel free to take pictures and videos with them, they love the spotlight. If you see the White Witch on your visit, consider yourself lucky!
  • Guests can enter the mazes in max groups of up to 10 at a time. Larger groups will be divided at the entrance to each haunt maze. If you stop to wait for your friends inside the haunt mazes, you are doing yourselves a dis-service, as well as causing other groups to catch up to you, which is never fun for your group, the group behind you or the actors trying their best to scare you all.  Stay with your smaller group and compare with your friends after to see who got the best scares!
  • Off peak nights (Wednesdays, Thursdays or Sundays) are less busier than peak nights (Fridays, Saturdays and Mid-Term). Expect off-peak nights to have less queue waiting times and more space in between you and other groups inside the haunts. Peak Nights are our busiest nights which tend to sell out in advance. There is more of a chances of longer wait lines and less spacing inside in the mazes. Inside all haunt mazes we have special directions and adjustments made to accommodate larger numbers of customers on weekends and busier nights. If large crowds bother you, we recommend coming on an off peak night.
  • If it’s important for you to have a more “alone” feeling at the haunted house, come earlier in the month, or on Thursday/Sunday.  If you enjoy the energy and excitement that is fuelled by more people, attend on a Friday/Saturday, or later in the month. Either way, we are confident that you will enjoy your experience with us!
  • Final note: on our busy weekend nights closer to Halloween, we sell out. To ensure your entry, purchase tickets online in advance. If you have an online ticket in hand, you will get in that night. However, in the event of a sellout night, our on-site box office will close early.



  1. All customers must wait in a queue line before each haunt maze. Buying your tickets ahead of time does not mean you do not wait in line to get into the haunt mazes. Every effort is made to get everyone into the haunt mazes in a timely manner. However, if you come during peak hours, your wait may be extended and we are unable to specify by how much. Please plan your time with us accordingly.
  2. If you or anyone in your group needs special arrangements for a member of your group, or individual who may not be able to wait in line for extended period of time, please email us with specifics and we will work with you and your group to ensure your comfort while you wait.

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