The Haunted Orphanage

the haunted orphanage haunt maze poster for 2022


Over the years many ghost hunters have explored what is known as the Haunted Orphanage. Old tales and legends passed on by locals of the nearby town treat them as warnings to anyone who dares step inside. Tales of spirits supposedly roaming the hallways in search for their missing toys, rumours of the food being poisoned, the apparition of a ghostly nun stalking the top floor, old headstones on the grounds suddenly disappearing out of thin air, children escaping via the nearby sewer tunnels never to be seen again. Visitors have also reported hearing coughing or dragging noises coming from the dining room and have feelings of uneasiness in the basement. Before fleeing town, the owner of the establishment claimed to have personally witnessed the now infamous Matron, who was said to appear as a shadowy figure looming above her bed at night, staring down with black empty eye sockets. Upon searching, the Ghost hunters reported to have found disturbing messages on the walls, seemingly written by someone who once lived there. Footage captured shows glowing green orbs, almost like eyes, in various sections of the house. Witnesses also believe to have heard scratching coming from inside the walls, reports of crying and shadow figures in the corridors. The house became considered a magnet for evil, rumours of suspicious goings on involving the sacrifice of human remains, possessions from the other side and the history of ongoing missing persons, unaccounted for. Given the strange happenings that seemingly took place, the premises shut down and was eventually abandoned.