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Return of the swamp witch

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Remember, everything in the swamp wants to kill you

and if it didnt…

youre dead already..

The swamp wasn’t always a dangerous place. Since the recent discoveries of desecrated human remains and extremely high levels of toxicity in the swamp water were recorded, its been closed off to the public as a high risk no-entry zone. 

What the authorities failed to realise was the Scout troop were still deep inside the forest on their camping expedition before they closed off the area for de-contamination.

Three nights after the hazmats finished up, Cub Scout Sam returns to Halloween Town, dirty and delirious with a story to tell.

Surviving in a dilapidated cabin for three nights after being separated from his scout pack, listening to the shrieks and screams in the eerie nights. Sam is convinced something out in the swamp got his friends. But is it just the effects of the poison in the air? Is the swamp playing tricks on his mind? Are you sure you know who, or what you can trust?

Bodies are found.
Theres a nasty secret hidden.

Are those people hiding in the swamp, or is it the poisonous nature of the jungle surroundings that are having an effect on you?  What are those markings all over the stones? Somethings playing tricks on your mind, and you’re not sure who or what you can trust.  It’s unclear whether supernatural forces or something more human is to blame for the swamp’s destruction. All we do know.. is that its up to you to find out whats been going on.

Will you and your friends make it out alive, or will you succumb to the terrors of The Shriekers?


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