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Sundown manor

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The people of Halloween town live in constant fear of what lies within Sundown Manor.

You’ve been invited to a dinner party at Sundown Manor.. As you approach the foreboding mansion on the outskirts of town, you can’t shake the feeling of unease. Its sinister energy and creaking wood echo like a warning. No-one has been here for over a year.. Despite the fear, you step inside the gates of this manor, once held in high esteem.. before the bodies started turning up in the nearby swamp that is.

A nest of putrid Vampyres dwell inside Sundown Manor. And once a year they call for The Feeding. An open invite sent out to the locals of Halloween Town to come feast in their annual October soirée. Little do the locals know, they are the menu.  

You must move fast to escape this maze of darkness and despair before the Vampyres devour you. The clock is ticking, and every second counts. Can you stay in the light and outrun the thirst of these vampires?

Or will you just be another body to dump in the swamp after they’re done with you.

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