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The Diary of #2

Well Hello again Diary,

I only have five minutes to write this because my fans are calling me😍 Literally, I’m in the bathroom right now and they’re screaming my name. The joys of being THIS famous🙄  

Already, this year has been the most INSANE year we’ve ever had! Opening weekend was a BLAST – an absolute SELL OUT! Wouldn’t expect anything else really 🤷

Oh did you hear? My fans Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly finally got to meet ME. I allowed them to sit on my throne for a photo, after all. Royals like us all deserve their moment on the throne.

Me and my fans Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly and full band

Today alone, I’ve had two people confess their love to me,three people buy me a pumpkin spice latte and seven people wet themselves! And don’t even get me started on the queues, they have been out the door!  And I know this is only the beginning…If you haven’t paid us a visit then you need to get on that sh**t!!! Orrrr if you have, then why are you not coming back?

This year we’ve been awarded YET AGAIN!! This time for the ‘Most Entertaining Horror Experience’ in the Republic of Ireland! If that doesn’t get your heart racing, then I don’t know what will🤷

I mean when else are you going  to relive your worst nightmare over and over again?! This is the time to enjoy the screams, to enjoy the characters, to enjoy the laughter and most importantly to enjoy the MAYHEM!

Now before I return to my ADORING fans, I do have a very, very important announcement to make- I KNOW YOURE READING MY DIARY!!👿 so listen up..My birthday is coming up, I can’t believe I have to remind you of the date – HALLOWEEN. I accept anything from the list below!🥳

Credit Card Transfers
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
New weapons, specifically ones that are pointy
Fanart of YOURS TRULY!

Now anything that I claim as poor taste or lack of effort will be thrown into the pits of despair! Otherwise known as the f**king bin! 💋 So whatever you get, don’t disappoint me, you’ll only be the one to regret it….


                       Your Scream Queen MOLLY MAYHEM X

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