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The Diary of Molly Mayhem #1

Dear Diary,

It has been a LONG LONG time? Like 267 days to be exact, since I graced the world with my presence.

How have you been? Yeah like I care 🙄, we are here to talk about ME! I have been soooo busy, I’ve hardly had a minute to myself. I suppose that happens when you’re famous 💅

First things first, here’s why you are all here… You want the tea on my love life, well lucky for most people I am SINGLE yet again💔 It’s tragic really

Althouuuugh, I do have my eyes on two new boys at the minute….

Now don’t bother stalking them just yet because I got them banned from insta myself😘  Ugh it’s so hard to choose though! Like one is so deep and mysterious, that you just don’t know what he’s thinking?! Whereas the other one, won’t shut the f**k up! But I’m strangely attracted to that, I feel like it would be like talking to myself.

What else did I do?! Oh yeah, I went shopping with Betty Bedlam and the Mistress of Evil and gave them a well deserved make over! Their look was soo 1900s so it had to be done 🤷 I guess my black heart is melting with age….Yeah I don’t believe THAT for a second either! I just can’t have my minions looking better than me 🤷 

I suppose I have some more good news…👀

One day, I was spying on Karl and Sylv… as I normally do, and I saw something INCREDIBLE in the works.. Not only have they got a bunch of BRAND NEW experiences that they have been working on, BUT they have found me an ENTIRE NEW HOME! All my nightmares are coming true!

You heard right dear diary of mine, The Nightmare Realm is MOVING! TO A NEW LOCATION!

I almost died. Literally. RIP me!

I just CANT WAIT to show everyone my i mean OUR new home! Dublin is going to FREAK!

Seriously, I don’t know where they find the time to build me an ENTIRE spooky town but I think it’s made me realize that the gutter life isn’t for me anymore, it’s time for me to settle down. For a month at least 😉

Now the other experiences …My God you’ll hear screams until you die, it’s that good, or you’ll  have the strong urge to ‘cleanse’ yourself in church afterwards, but hey I’ll be the only one judging you🤷

Now excuse me, I have important things to do, like make The Nightmare Realm a living HELL for you all this October!


                   Your Scream Queen, Molly Mayhem

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