sewers haunt poster for 2022 

A disused underground sewer service tunnel spans the full length of the town, linking up directly to all establishments, including the Haunted Orphanage and the Hospital. The sewer tunnels allowed for hospital staff to enter and leave to the outside world, without having to pass by the high risk patients of the sewer incident. These were the same tunnels that were excavated for search missions by the town members when local kids were found to be missing from their beds at night. 

Members of the town in search for their missing loved ones braved The Sewers, armed with only hard hats and torches. Not everyone who ventured in, came back. Those that did seemed to contract a sickness not yet known to man. Health effects of permanent memory loss, vision and digestive issues, fever dreams, sleep walking and rumours of cannibalism meant that these brave men and women were to be taken to the nearby hospital for immediate recovery. 


What’s known of them since, is local legend.

With the recent growth of dark tourism and the surrounding rumours of the town, many people became aware of the supernatural status of the Sewers. Curious teens, fear seekers and influencers alike began venturing inside the sewers, despite heeding the warnings of the townsmen silently guarding the entrance from a far, fearing the gravitational pull the sewers seem to have on one’s body. 

The mysteries surrounding the sewers became a place to avoid at all costs. Whatever’s down there in the sewers.. If you get too close.. It calls you in.