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Tips to smash your scare acting audition

When it comes to auditions, a good first impression is key. Walk tall and hold yourself with confidence. Eye contact and a friendly demeanor goes a long way also. We have put together a list of tips to help you ace your auditions with us this year.

A few things to note about our auditions –

Arrive Early
Bring a snack and / or water with you
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you can move easily in.
Please do not arrive in costume.
All attendees are required to fill out an application form at the event, please bring a polaroid headshot if you have one.
All auditions are held in a group setting of 8 people at a time.
Each audition can last up to 10-15 minutes depending on the group size.
The audition will consist of a mix of improvisation games, vocal range and random challenges.

Helpful Audition Tips and Secrets for Nightmare Realm Auditions

#1 – Be Punctual, Polite and Prepared

It is important that you start the season off right with a good first impression and show up on time and prepared. Research what the role is, our event and what’s expected. If you have been to The Nightmare Realm before you would know what level of energy we expect from our team. We have many video references of our cast members during Haunt season across all of our socials if you need a reminder. By being prepared for the role and arriving early to us proves you are a reliable person who can be counted on and trusted.

#2 – Check your October Schedule 

Make sure you check out the finalised 2022 calendar on our website and come to auditions with a good idea of what your schedule and availability will be like for the month of October. We don’t switch main roles throughout the month, so your availability is one of our main considerations for a role.

#3 – Bring a Headshot

We do our best to keep good notes on everyone throughout the entire audition process and will even take your picture for our database. However, having a visual aid to actually keep with your application helps us put a face to the application. We have found this very helpful during our selection process. So, if you are looking to improve your chances at being casted this year and currently have a headshot, make sure you bring one with you this year. 

#4 – If you’re going to fail, fail big!

It is important that you are outgoing, confident, enthusiastic, and loud throughout this entire process. We always tell cast members, if you are going to fail, fail big. Always turn a mistake into part of your routine – when all else fails or you find yourself lost, we encourage cast members to make it funny and be entertaining. Don’t stop dead in your tracks. No one knows if you might have messed up, you need to be able to play everything off as 100% intentional. 

Please keep in mind, The Nightmare Realm is a naturally loud and disorienting maze experience, so actors will need to project as they deliver their lines and vocal noises. If you are a naturally quiet or shy person, you will need to practice raising the volume of your voice and tap into some internal intensity to bring your performance to life.

#5 – Practice Acting Physically

Just as your voice needs to be in character, so does your body and movements. So if you are a zombie, consider how the undead would move. Wild and rapid with snapping juttering movements is how we like our zombies. Or if you are a ghostly child as part of one of our mazes, how would they react when they see a customer? Practicing in front of a mirror helps you understand how to convey a range of emotions with only facial expressions. Every movement and action made should have a purpose and tell the customer a story.. Think of these additions to your act before you arrive at your audition.

#6 – Prepare a short Dialogue

One of the activities that we will do at auditions will ask everyone to come up with a short dialog between two people, either as a well known character or something you’ve come up with on your own. This can literally be anything and we encourage you all to be creative with it. We will ask for 2-3 lines of dialog and one of the casting directors will then ask you a question as a typical guest would. This could include anything from “where are the restrooms” to “you’re not scary!” The purpose of this exercise is to present a character and then be able to quickly think on your feet, and respond to guests’ questions in character without stalling. 

Some of the big things that we are looking for are:

How well can you follow directions and stay on task
How enthusiastic, confident, and outgoing are you
Are you able to stay in character no matter what is going on
Do you have the ability to think quickly on your feet and improvise in character
Can you act physically and portray the character with your body/movements
How well do you work with your fellow cast members

The most important objective is to make a lasting impression so that the casting director wants to follow your character out of the room. Remember that you’re an actor and this is a “look-at-me” business, so make them look at you—keeping in mind, of course, the given circumstances of the scene and character. Be your best self.

FAQS on Auditions

When and Where are the 2022 Nightmare Realm Auditions?

Auditions Dates: TBC
Location: Smithfield Fruit and Veg Market

How old do I have to be to work at The Nightmare Realm?

As a requirement, all cast and crew applicants must be 16 years of age or older.

When will casting announcements be made?

We will be contacting you via telephone very quickly after auditions, no later than a week after auditions. All announcements thereafter go out via our Facebook staff page.

I didn’t make the list, what should I do?

There is always a chance that the event could be busier than expected, and as such will require more staff onsite to handle the crowds. We will be in contact after auditions about being part of our on call cast members if we feel you would be a good fit.

I’m interested in being a steward, in customer service or an event staff position?

If you are interested in being a part of our customer service and event staff team, please submit a resume and cover letter to info@thenightmarerealm.ie with the subject line: Customer Service Positions: YOUR NAME. If you have been selected as a potential candidate for one of our positions, we will request an in-person interview.

I missed auditions, can I still be a cast member?

If you are unable to attend our audition dates, you can send us an email with a video attachment showing us your best acts, introducing yourself and a range of vocal, physical and act movements to sylvia@thenightmarerealm.ie This is your chance to let your personality shine! 

Thank you for taking the time to read our tips about  auditions this year. We hope that you found this informative and it answered any lingering questions you might have about our auditions process. 

The final piece of advice we will give everyone is a simple one – Have fun with it. We hope to see you all out at auditions this year and join us for another scary good year!

If you have any further questions or need clarification, head on over to any of our social pages and drop us a question! @thenightmarerealm 

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